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The Forum Schedule: Autumn/Winter 2017

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Sundays, Breakfast at 9:15am, The Forum from 9:30-10:20 a.m.

At the Grand Historic Venue, next door to the Church at 225 North Charles Street

September 24, 2017
My Top Ten Inspirational Works of Art

Join The Rev. Mark Stanley who will give a slide show presentation of his personal favorite works of art. From Michelangelo’s David to Durham Cathedral, hear what artworks inspire him the most. The Rev. Mark Stanley is Rector of Old St. Paul’s Church.

October 1
The Holy Shroud: Journey of Discovery

Join Gary Vikan on his 35 year quest to solve the mysteries of the Shroud of Turin: when and where it was made, by whom, and how, and why. He will explore questions related to the authenticity of the shroud, which many have claimed to be the burial shroud of Jesus. Gary Vikan recently stepped down from being the Director of the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, and he continues to write books on the history of great art.

October 8

Lament is one of the most common forms of prayer in the Hebrew scriptures. There are more psalms of lament than psalms of praise or thanksgiving. This forum will explore the following questions: What is lament, and how is it different from complaining or from grieving? Is there lament in the New Testament? Is lament a valid act for Christians in light of the resurrection and God’s victory in Christ? Led by Rebekah Eklund, who teaches Scripture, Theology, and Ethics at Loyola University Maryland. She is also an ordained minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

October 15
Uncovering the Hidden History of St. Paul’s Church

Join the Rev. Mary Luck Stanley, Associate Rector, and Mr. John Henderson, attorney and judge for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, to learn about research into the history of St. Paul’s Church with regards to slavery, abolition, and the ongoing struggle for equality. Bringing parts of our history out of the darkness and into the light will be a real contribution to our collective efforts to deal with the legacy of racism.

October 22
A Spirituality for Confronting White Supremacy; a pastor in Charlottesville

Lutheran pastor Lura Groen will reflect on her experience responding to the call for white clergy to come to Charlottesville to stand up to white supremacy. What spiritualities from our traditions can help those of us who are doing anti-racism work?

October 29
The 500 Year Anniversary of Martin Luther Sparking the Reformation

On October 31st, 1517 a monk named Martin Luther triggered a spiritual revolution that had worldwide consequences. What was at stake for him? How do his actions impact us today? Join The Rev. Mark Stanley to explore the meaning of this pivotal moment in the Protestant Reformation.

November 5
Life is Good: keeping your balance while juggling

Join The Rev. Mary Luck Stanley to explore the many ways modern life conspires against our efforts to strike a wholesome balance. It can seem like a never-ending struggle as we strive to remain healthy while also living large. Come and have a conversation about ways that our faith tradition can bolster our efforts to seek wholeness and well-being.

November 12
The Music of Healing

When his sister Miriam is stricken with illness, Moses prays a short but effective one-line healing prayer, “please God, heal her.” When we sing this and other sung prayers for healing, we call upon God to strengthen our loved ones, and ourselves. Join Kim Komrad, who is the ordained Cantor at Kehilat Shalom, a Jewish Synagogue in Gaithersburg, MD.

November 19
Just War and the Children of Abraham

With wars and rumors of war, how should the children of Abraham (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) respond? Contemporary just war theory is a Christian invention, but it does not hold up well in the light of the Love commandment and the nuances particular to Judaism and Islam. Our discussion will examine just war theory and consider some alternative Christian responses to it. Led by The Rev. Dr. Chris Dreisbach

November 26, No Forum

All ages are invited to help with the Greening of the Church, at 11:30 a.m. (Includes lunch.)

December 3, No Forum

All ages are invited to participate in an Advent Wreath Making Event in the Undercroft, from 9:30-10:20 a.m.

December 10
Partnering for A Moral Cause: Growing the Good in Our Children

We are all on the same team!  Raising children with the goal of fostering the growth of goodness is a shared aspiration, but at times, parenting is lonely, frustrating, and counter-cultural. We will discuss how to build bridges with the many stakeholders in our children’s lives and have an open dialogue about the opportunities and challenges we face in our modern and busy world. Join Penny Evins who is a mother, wife, educator, aunt, community builder, and Head of St. Paul’s School for Girls.

December 17
Going to School in Black and White: A Duel Memoir of Desegregation

Join Cindy Geary, a member of our parish, and LaHoma Romocki as they tell their stories about when they were both teenage girls, one white and one black, while school desegregation was happening in Durham North Carolina in 1970. As an adult, Cindy worked for nearly 30 years doing international reproductive health research. LaHoma is a professor of global health at North Carolina Central University. Their book is coming out this fall and will be available for sale at The Forum.

December 24 Christmas Eve Break, No Forum

December 31 New Year’s Eve Break, No Forum